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GTC Appraisals provide a range of valuation and advisory services in the appraisal and disposal of all forms of Corporate IP, Intangible Assets and Businesses. The  GTC Appraisals scope of expertise covers all types of intellectual property assets including: patents, trademarks, copyright material, design rights, websites, domain names, software and data

GTC Appraisals provide professional market relevant residual valuations for Asset Based Lenders, Banks and Finance Companies. GTC Appraisals also provides specific market commentary against each asset outlining any key contributing factors which may impact on the future value of the asset throughout the lend period

Machinery & Business Assets

GTC Appraisals provide specialist valuation and disposal advice to Asset Based Lenders, Corporate Finance Advisors and Private Clients in respect to all forms of wholesale, commodity and industrial stocks and inventory, undertaking collateral due diligence, ongoing reviews and exit strategy

GTC Appraisals has a wealth of practical knowledge and experience covering all industry sectors. GTC Appraisals has unparalleled experience in the valuation and disposal of Plant & Machinery and other Corporate Assets for Insolvency Practitioners, Secured Lenders and Private Institutions

Intangible Assets
Secured Lending & 
Residual Valuation
Stock & Inventory
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