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Business Opportunity 

An opportunity exists to purchase the business and assets of a UK based Company offering Audio Visual Professional Services.


The purchase will be executed at the earliest opportunity. All interested parties will be requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement and provide proof of funding.


Business Overview

Incorporated in 2015, providing an array of services including: Audio Visual, Network, and Electrical.


Established Client Base.


Industry Accredited.


The Company employ 15 full and part time staff.


Recent Financial Information

Unaudited Profit & Loss:

Year Ended 30 April 2020

Turnover:                                 923,946

Gross Profit:                           671,814

Operating (Loss)/Profit      (59,274)


Year Ended 30 April 2019

Turnover:                                 803,814

Gross Profit:                            586,810

Operating (Loss)/Profit             788


Year Ended 30 April 2018

Turnover:                                1,106,638

Gross Profit:                            666,864

Operating (Loss)/Profit         84,939



The company operates from rented premises.


Assets Available for Sale 

- Unencumbered Motor Vehicles

- Office Furnishings & IT Equipment

- Goodwill


- Order Book


Deadline for Offers

Deadline for offers for the purchase of the business & assets to be received by 5pm on Wednesday 27nd February 2023.

Business for Sale: Audio Visual Professional Services

  • Iain Gash
    T: 0161 435 6036

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