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Business Opportunity 
An opportunity exists to purchase the business and assets of an East London Bar and Brasserie.


The purchase will be executed at the earliest opportunity. All interested parties will be requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Business Overview 
The Company was incorporated in 2013, providing a cocktail focused drinks selection and French brasserie inspired food offering.


The business operates in the East of London.


The Company currently employs 6 fulltime professional staff.


Recent Financial Information

Profit & Loss

From June 15 - May 16

Turnover:                  468,427

Cost of Sales:            474,593

Gross Profit:                (6,166)
Operating Profit:       (137,986)


From June 14 - May 15

Turnover:                  458,361

Cost of Sales:            511,415

Gross Profit:              (53,415)
Operating Profit:       (213,865)


The company operates from leasehold premises.


Assets Available for Sale

- Lease


- Intellectual Property

- Chattel Assets

- Stock


Deadline for Offers

Indicative offers to be received no later than 12 noon on Tuesday 21st November 2017, all offers are to be supported by proof of funds


Business For Sale: Bar & Brasserie Business

  • Simon Creber 

    T: 0161 435 6036

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