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Business Opportunity 

An opportunity exists to purchase the business and assets of a Recruitment Business.


The purchase will be executed at the earliest opportunity. All interested parties will be requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Business Overview 

The Company was incorporated in 2004, offering recruitment services to the care & nursing sectors.


The business operates primarily within the Midlands.


The Company employ 4 fulltime staff.


Recent Financial Information

Unaudited Profit & Loss 

Year to Date Feb 2019

Turnover:                     520,114

Gross Profit:                210,929

Profit (Loss):                 (72,864)


Year Ended May 2018

Turnover:                     630,727

Gross Profit:                296,032

Profit (Loss):                 29,657


Year Ended May 2017

Turnover:                     650,928

Gross Profit:                315,652

Profit (Loss):                 20,112


The company operates from rented office space.


Assets Available for Sale 

- Chattel Assets

- Goodwill

- Work in Progress


Deadline for Offers

Formal offers for the business as a whole to be received no later than 12 noon on Monday 8th July 2019. All offers should be supported by proof of funding.


A purchaser must be able to complete immediately.


Business For Sale: Recruitment

  • Simon Creber
    T: 0161 435 6036

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