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Upon the Instruction of a Retained Client.


Offered For Sale by Private Treaty (2015) IIpra Revo Mini Tray Sealer

IIpra Revo Mini Tray Sealer purchased in August 2015 for £35,400+VAT complete with new tooling; Produced approx. 5 trays per day since it was purchased.



IIpra Revo Mini Automatic Inline Tray Sealer for MAP Packaging.



Used 'Like New'

Complete with Two Die Sets:
-Single Impression 1/2 Gastro Tool VG;
-Double Impression D15 Gastro Tool VG;
-Kit for Oxygen Protection;
-Gas Reservoir;
-Compressor with Air Dryer.

The Revo Mini has a large loading area, (2 free steps) 63m2 Vacuum Pump and Skin Packaging Configuration. 

Suitable for Small / Medium Industrial production workshops and large scale retail trade. 

The Revo Model offers all the advantages of an automatic tray sealer with all the typical features of UNIMEC products, reliability, user friendly, easy and economic maintenance. 

Revo is suitable for MAP packing of a wide range of products such as: 
Cold Meats, Meat, Poultry, Cheese, Fresh Pasta, Ready Meals, Cooking Products, Dried Fruits, Vegetables and Fish etc.


-Manuals Included with original invoice available for inspection.

-Taken out of production and in dry storage.

For Sale by Private Treaty: Ilpra Revo Mini Automatic Inline Tray Sealer

  • Becky Thornber 

    M: 07470 694651

    T: 0161 435 6036



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